The Top 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your True Love

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If you’re single right now or if you are in and out of relationships, you’ll no doubt be asking yourself why this is so. And it’s a question I get asked many times over by my clients. As a relationship specialist, it’s a problem many of my clients face in their lives. Many people ask me for my relationship tips. So if you’re struggling in the world of relationships then you are looking for some helpful relationship tips! Well here are my…

Relationship Tips: Top 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your True Love.

Self Worth / Self Belief in Relationships

It may not come as a big surprise, but some people really do not perceive themselves in a supportive way at all. Being humble is one thing and is a great quality. However some people go beyond humble. I don’t mean this disrespectfully at all. It’s fascinating really.

As humans, we are a tribal species right?

And what this means is that we desire love. We need to feel loved and so we feel the need to be part of a group. It could be our families, our friends, work colleages, or even society as a whole. And of course this is the basis of relationships.

People do this in many different ways, but the minute we have a feeling that we’re operating outside of the box, we feel scared. And when the fear kicks in, sometimes we freeze and we don’t move forwards. People fear doing something different that results in people not loving them, thinking that they’re not good enough or that they won’t belong.

I call this The 3 Core Fears.

And 3 Core Fears plays a part in many peoples beliefs about relationships.

Unresourceful Attraction Strategies

A strategy is a mind set pattern that is operating deep within your unconscious mind.

Think about the way you brush your teeth! You do it without emotion and without thinking about it right? You do it without thinking about how you do it, because you generally stick to a routine.

Peoples attraction strategies are the same. They are unconscious patterns that play out everytime a potential partner comes along. A date, when eyes meet and when two people bump into each other.

Some people just feel as though they repel everybody they are attracted to. And some people find themselves with the ‘wrong’ person time after time and feel unhappy.

And it’s because they are operating an unresourceful attraction strategy.

Unresourceful Relationship Strategies

This is similar to the above strategy. And in this case, it’s the strategy that people run once they’ve moved past the attraction stage and into the relationship stage.

Some people are unwittingly sabotaging their relationships with unresourceful relationship strategies. Often, this strategy is a self fulfilling prophecy. So for example, a person fears so much that their partner will leave them, that they actually behave in such a way to make that happen. I don’t mean the behaviour is intentional. The behaviour happens in a way that the person is unaware of it. So what they fear happening the most, they actually make their reality.

Crazy right?


So these are some of many relationship tips I can help you with, but if you want or need more than that, I’m here for you.

I Can Help You!

If you’re a man or a women, single or in a relationship and things aren’t happening the way you would like, I can help you!

In my experience, there will be many reasons you’re telling yourself of why relationships happen this way. But in my experience the solution is so simple and actionable in your life. You will be surprised 🙂

You don’t have to experience relationships the way you have been. Enjoy relationships that are full of love, happiness, passion, joy and intimacy. You can enjoy this with the one, for many years to come. And perhaps enjoy that until your last days. Wouldn’t that be romantic?

So are you ready to move forwards? Are you ready to discover how to attract and keep your Mr or Mrs Right Forever, instead of Mr or Mrs Right Now?

Contact me today. You’ll be pleased you did 🙂

Scott Brelsford

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