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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Once you have made the decision to work with me, we will work together in help sessions of 2 hours (max). If you are a couple, we will work together individually first before bringing you together in a help session.

If we are close in location (Bass Coast & South Gippsland) we can meet up in person. Where distances are involved, we can conduct your help sessions over the phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Anything you share with me is confidential at all times. I don’t divulge anything you tell me with anybody or any third parties. I don’t keep records, but I may take notes from time to time during sessions. You’re free to keep copies of these if requested. My notes would usually contain memory joggers or a keyword or phrase to help me understand your needs better.

That’s OK. Of course, it would benefit you more if you are both involved in improving your relationship. However, I can help you as an individual to better understand you and your partner’s needs in your relationship. This means that you will still have a positive impact on your relationship. You will notice this positive influence in your partner too.

All sessions are conducted in a safe and judgment-free setting. I’m not going to be pointing any form of blame or criticism at you or your partner. My purpose is to help you be aware of what hasn’t been working and to help you discover a way to do relationships better. My methods are all about how you connect with yourself and others in a healthier, more loving way.

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