Hi, I’m Scott Brelsford.

I love working with couples and singles to help them have amazing relationships. I’ll show you how to unlock true love and understanding in your relationships. And I can show you how to save your relationship.

I have experienced the highs and lows of marriage and of family life. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in my own relationship. And I’ve invested thousands of dollars in my personal and professional development too. It’s been an amazing journey so far and is a journey that I hope never ends.

My own marriage almost fell apart after 13 years. I was so close to ending my marriage and a 20-year relationship. I can’t imagine the impact this might have had on our four children. 
So I was lost in a very dark place for awhile.

Thankfully I changed my mind and saw the light. Lisa and I recommitted to each other and we sought help from a professional relationship expert. I guess, the pain of ending our once great relationship fuelled our desire to reignite our beautiful partnership and make it whole again.

Today, Lisa and I are now closer and more in love with each other than ever before. We learned how to become the best for each other, our children and for ourselves.scott-2

My passion is to help you to have amazing relationships too. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and from my own personal development. I have a unique blend of relationship saving methods that I’m truly passionate about and believe in.

And they are waiting for you so that you too can create the most amazing relationships, just as my previous clients have done so!

Therefore I can show you how to save your relationship.

So why not take advantage of a FREE 30-minute casual chat? We can talk in person, over the phone or even Skype. Let’s have a chat and see where you’re at and what you would love to create. Discover how to save your relationship.

And at the same time, let’s discover if we are going to work well together.

Thank you again for landing on my site today and I’m really looking forward to talking to you soon.



So it’s no accident that you’re here right now. You found me for a reason. And it’s because you would love to bring back the passion in your relationship.

You’d like to know how to save your relationship, right?

You found me because you want to reignite the intimacy and connection in your love life. You’re in need of someone to hold out their hand and lift you from a hole that you feel like you are stuck in right now.

Firstly, I know how you feel!

I get it because I have been there too. I became stuck in a hole too where it seemed like I was the only one there. So I felt lost and disconnected from my partner and my children. My sex life was almost obsolete and I was almost ready to end my marriage.

You may have found me because you are single right now but want to have a relationship in the future that is completely full and wholesome. Therefore you want to know how to attract your soul mate into your life because right now it feels like it is not happening.

However or why you have found me, I can show you how to save your relationship.

  • Is your marriage or relationship falling apart?
  • scott-5Are you frustrated with your relationship because you feel lost, disconnected, insignificant, unloved, unattractive, bored or lonely?
  • Are you tired of feeling unappreciated by your partner?
  • Have you had enough of the petty arguments with your partner, every night and day?
  • Is the sense of sadness, abandonment, and loss of motivation becoming too much?
  • Do you seek a way to restore or revive your relationship, so that it’s as good as it once was if not better than ever before?
  • Would you like to give love and care for your partner in new and deeper ways?
  • Do you want to understand what your partner wants and needs from you so that you can connect in more passionate ways?
  • Would you like to completely understand your own wants and needs, so that you can communicate with new levels of deep rapport with your partner?
  • Do you simply want to be even happier and be an even better parent, an even better person?
  • Do you need someone who’s been where you are too who can show you how to save your relationship?

You will finally be able to:

  • Experience a new and exciting level of connection, love, passion, intimacy and joy in your relationship.
  • Support yourself and your family in new and higher quality ways.
  • Achieve that higher level of health and wellness that you have been putting off.
  • Enjoy your life even more.
  • Be even more successful with your home based or small business.
  • Get even more intimate with your inner sense of identity
  • Overcome that fear of your partner being with someone else and ending your relationship.
  • Let go of your fear of being alone, of being a single parent or of having to start dating again.
  • Finally let go of your fear of failing.

My Relationship Journey


I know what it feels like to completely doubt myself. To feel lost and to have no self-confidence. I often felt like I didn’t fit in. I believed that no matter what I did, it was never going to be good enough. At times I even felt unloved by my own wife and family.

So I became angry and bitter during my early adult and working life. I found it difficult to progress in my career. My employers often had a negative perception of me and that seemed to follow me from job to job.

Later in my life and more recently my wife and I switched roles. Our youngest child was only 18 months old when my wife returned to full-time employment. Therefore I became a stay at home dad.

Needless to say, I now realise how lonely being a stay at home parent can be!

As fathers traditionally go to work to provide for the family, I found it hard to adjust to my new life as a stay at home dad. In some respects I felt like a failure and that I was secretly being laughed at by the other men around me.

Lisa also struggled with being at work full time again. Lisa had been a full-time mum for ten years and greatly missed being home with her babies.

Pretty soon the cracks appeared in our relationship. Gradually, we were so caught up in the rut of life that it was as if we stopped caring for each other. We were parents only and stopped being lovers and each other’s best friend.

I became so convinced of all the white noise in my head that our relationship hit a wall. On the eve of our thirteenth wedding anniversary, I told Lisa that I wanted to end our 13-year marriage. This would have brought to an end a 21-year relationship. Lisa and I had were just 18 years old when we started our relationship.

In the eleventh hour, I had a realisation! All the reasons I had been telling myself about why I should end the marriage began to seem insignificant. I realised that ending my marriage wasn’t the answer.

And so Lisa and I recommitted to each other and sought help. We decided to reinvigorate our marriage and to bring the love and passion back. And that’s exactly what happened!

So Lisa and I saved our relationship and I can show you how to save your relationship too.


Our love for each and our four children is now deeper than ever.

Lisa and I now have a relationship full of excitement, passion, joy, and laughter. We just want to be with each other all the time and cherish those special moments.

We have found each other all over again and life is wonderful.