The 3 Hidden Demons That Are Threatening to End Your Relationships

The 3 Hidden Demons That Are Threatening to End Your Relationships

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s fair to say that nothing evokes stronger feelings and emotions as much as relationships. Relationships are like the powerhouse of emotions. Great levels of joy and passion, fun and laughter can be experienced. And yet, so can misery, resentment, jealousy, and pain. So if you’re having a tough time in your relationships right now, or you’re repeatedly going from one relationship to the next, then read on. Because I’m going to share with you The 3 Hidden Demons That Threaten to End Relationships.

There’re many reasons why people end relationships. For example…

  • an affair took place
  • a feeling of incompatibility
  • the flame stopped burning
  • loss of connection
  • a person wasn’t able to love
  • expectations fell short

…and much more!

But the painful truth about most of these is that a lack of understanding between two people existed. With more mutual understanding, many failed relationships could be saved.

The 3 Hidden Demons That Threaten to End Relationships!

The 3 demons I speak of are the 3 Core Fears! And these are:

  1. A fear of not being loved
  2. The fear of not belonging
  3. A fear of not being good enough

Now these three fears exist in all aspects of life. And they are especially relevant in relationships.

Think about any time in a relationship, where there’s been an unhappy experience or event.

Let’s suppose the fear is a fear of a partner having an affair. Despite having a healthy and loving relationship, in the back of your mind the fear exists. And maybe that fear exists because you experienced the pain of your own parent’s infidelity. Perhaps your partner has done nothing to suggest that they’ll have an affair, but you fear it just the same.

If you’re someone doing this, there’s going to be heaps of stories that you’re going to invent in your head about that. And a movie is going to be created in one’s mind. For many people, it all becomes very real. I know because it happened to me too!

As that movie becomes more real, people think they are experiencing real emotions. But the truth is none of it is real. It just seems real in the mind.

But what is really happening is that you are experiencing a moment of insecurity. And that insecurity has been triggered by your 3 Core Fears.

If you fear your partner having an affair, you’ll make it mean all kinds of things about you in negative ways. But think about it. It’s a fear of not being loved, a fear of being alone, and the fear of not being good enough!

My Tips to Stop This Happening to You

Awareness is the key. Notice when you’re having unresourceful thoughts. Unresourceful thoughts trigger the 3 Core Fears. And in turn, a moment of insecurity follows. In that moment, further low-quality thoughts flood the mind. It is for that reason, people should avoid trying to fix anything. Wait until the moment of insecurity has passed by.

So this is a quick and actionable step that you can take right now. If you would like to learn more about how you can turn a relationship around, I’m the guy you can speak to. I’m the guy that can help you.

Why not get in touch with me today and let’s have a chat. The best bit is, the first chat is FREE!

Scott Brelsford

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